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This journal is officially dead. I have decided to move on from LiveJournal. I have been put through way too much drama and bullshit because of this thing. It's been a nice 2 1/2 years in some ways, but. . .no more.

I think it's time to start a REAL journal -- one that only I read. Maybe I can be true to myself in something hidden from other eyes. In any case, I will not be blogging at LJ or anywhere else for a very long time, if at all.

So long.

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Costume construction 'judging'. . .Collapse )

The actual Masquerade. . .and more mishaps. . .Collapse )

Monday. . .Collapse )

This report is over 4500 words. Oh well, it was fun to write this ^_^. I think I'll start doing really long and wordy reports from now on. Maybe I'll keep them to myself -- this report was more for my benefit than anyone else's.

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I dunno why I always make entries for new avatars. They excite me, in some strange, sad way. Oh well. It's my journal, put up with it ^_-.

Jess takes the greatest candid shots XD.

I stole your icon idea, Lynzie :P.

sumichan is gonna kill me for this one XD.

The obligatory "spoony bard!" avatar. You knew it was coming ^^.

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Some people might see something a little different about this post >.> <.<.

OK! More Anime Expo-ness!

Saturday. . .Collapse )

Sunday. . .Collapse )

I will get to Masquerade stuff and Monday later. Believe me, there's a lot to tell about the Masquerade :/.

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Yes, I have finally started my report!

Thursday. . .Collapse )

Friday. . .Collapse )

I was having fun writing this. . .until I realized mirager.net is going to expire at midnight. I have no credit card to renew it (you'll learn why once I finish this report). I'm so afraid I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and find mirager.net owned by some tacky search engine or porn site ;____;. I don't really have any concrete plans on using the domain again. . .but it was my first domain. It's still my baby. I don't want to see it defiled.

Yeah, yeah, I'm being ridiculous. . .but I can't help it.

EDIT: Robbie let me use his CC to renew the domain *_*. YAY!

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Why is it that I have to come home AGAIN after AX to not talk about the con, but rant about a certain French fucktard?

He sent me an email which was polite, I suppose. I sent him an email back telling him to please leave me alone (AGAIN). Then Jason told me he posted a little "challenge" to Robbie in his journal.

WTF is this vendetta against Robbie? Are you JEALOUS? Jealous that I adored him as a friend back then and now love him as my boyfriend? Is THAT why you must continue to attack him? LEAVE HIM ALONE. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I uploaded an HTML file of the journal entry he hid after Robbie and I both responded. *I* am not a coward.


Since I didn't get to save it after he commented back to me. . .This is what he saidCollapse )

I promise I'll post stuff about AX in a while. AX this year was great except for a few snags, but I have to take care of the idiot first >.>.

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My report card this semester:

ART 102 Drawing II -- A-

ART 231 Painting I -- A

ART 270 Women in Art -- A-

WS 101 Women's Studies -- A


I haven't had straight As since I was in the 2nd grade! EEEE! I am so proud of myself! I am so excited! EAT THIS, UNLV!!!

I'm even posting this publicly because I'm so happy!


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Man, I hate to do this.


I'm sorry Robbie, I really am. I promise I'll make a faerie costume 10 times as pretty for this year's faire!

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Boy, I've been posting in this journal a lot. I guess I feel a bit freer. Wonder why? XD

(BTW, I'm going to make one final post on that subject. You'll see it a bit later.)

I had coffee, and as a result I just made a gazillion posts on cosplay.com . I'm now over 1,000 posts O_o. That seems like a lot to me, but then I look at the other people who signed up at the same time as me and they have 2,000; 3,000; up to 6,000! I guess I'm not such a cosplay.com whore after all ^^;;.

I want to go to the cosplay.com picnic in Irvine on April 17th. Any Cali people know of a cheap place to stay close by?

I just ate McDonald's for the first time in many years. Gag! I am NOT lovin' it.

Right now it is incredibly obvious I am posting just because I'm hyper as all hell. I think I'll stop. Maybe I'll call Robbie and plague him with my caffienated self XD.

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Well. . .it works.


Sorry to everyone I exchanged links with just a few weeks ago -- now you'll have to change them! ^^;;

Only the Pretear and cosplay sites remain. I feel kinda bad for killing Chivalry and Rebirth -- but they're so neglected. They were starting to become chores, and when that happens, you just have to kill them.

I'm setting up redirection stuffs for mirager.net (which I still have until July), but the host I got for that purpose doesn't seem to be cooperating >.<.

Anyways, you can now email me -- at tenshi@**REMOVE**interstellar-beams.net

(Oh yeah, the Pretear site probably won't work until tomorrow morning. I have to re-upload everything, and that site's 33.7 megs. 33.7 megs on a 28.8 kbps connection isn't fun >.<)

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